Sex: Probable Female

Hatch Date: 10/2/2020

Weight: 15 grams

Price: $2,000 + shipping

Lineage: Felix (Oscar x Tremper's Lizard Ranch "Pinky") x Veda Valentine (Bane x Daisy ). Parent pictures included and extended lineage can be found in my photo albums.


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SOLD: Holdback Release: High Color, White Collar Probable Female

  • This female is the third generation evolution of some of my high white groups and you can probably see why she was a holdback: crisp white collar,  highly saturated base color, nice pattern and some very cool trace white on her back.


    Of all of the chahoua I've hatched over the years, this one is "top 5" at hatch for base color, and it has only intensified over the last few months. The photos included represent her fired down (more of a pale, pastel orange) and also fired up (a more intense red-orange color).


    All of the siblings to this gecko have been high white, which is not a surprise considering the parents. The only reason I am making her available is that I've chosen to hold back her sibling. However, if she does not sell, she will be kept and put into a high white breeding project. 


    I am happy to answer questions via email. Sending payment means you've read and agreed to the terms of sale.

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