ID: Florian

Sex: Male

Hatch Date: 7/8/18

Weight: 58 grams

Price: $1800 + shipping

Lineage: Repashy x DeVosjoli x Big Fat Geckos


Please contact me directly for international orders beyond the United States at

SOLD: Proven White Collar PI Male Chahoua

  • This male has been an all-star breeder for two seasons in a row and reliably produces white collar, and some white collar with side white, offspring. The only reason I am selling him is that he and his mate don't seem to care much for eachother and I want to find a better pairing.  No violence or fighting, I just dont see much evidence of pair bonding.


    He comes from great lineage that includes L.A.C. Herps' Sarge x Licha as well as Empire Exotics' Harvey x Cloud, mixed in with some Big Fat Geckos. Lots of genetic potential here, and he's proven out well for me. The last few pictures are examples of his offspring - all have been very similar with thick collars and some with splashes of side white.


    I am happy to answer questions via email. Sending payment means you've read and agreed to the terms of sale.

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