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The Chahoua Chamber is a hobbyist keeper of Mniarogekko chahoua geckos focusing on high white, high color and high contrast forms of the species.

Over my 15 year tenure with chahoua, I have bred and worked with hundreds of geckos across both locales (Pine Island and Mainland/Grand Terre), as well as every variation, ranging from pastel to super high white. My collection has some animals that reflect several generations of selective breeding, and others that are F1/F2 animals with closer ties to wild populations.

I started keeping reptiles at age 7 and have had them ever since. During my career as a reptile keeper and hobbyist, I’ve kept many gecko species including other New Caledonian geckos, agamids, iguanas, monitors, amphibians and snakes.  


In 2011, I made the decision to focus most of my time and resources exclusively on chahoua and since then, I've not only learned a great deal about the species,  but been fortunate enough to create some of the most beautiful specimens in the hobby. I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite reptile species of all!

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