The Chahoua Chamber Terms of Sale

Purchase Terms


Note: I reserve the right to refuse sale to any person without explanation. Once a commitment to purchase an animal has been made, full payment is required within 24 hours.


Payment Plans: Long-term payment plans are generally not accepted when weather is conducive to shipping (highs below 85, lows above 40 degrees Fahrenheit). In some instances, a payment plan will be agreed upon with a 25% nonrefundable down payment and full payment made within 30 days. Such terms must be negotiated prior to purchase.


Courtesy Hold: At my discretion, I will place any gecko on a 48 hour courtesy hold with a nonrefundable 25% down payment. If the prospective buyer does not send the remaining payment within 48 hours of a written request to purchase the gecko, it will be re-listed and the buyer loses the 25% deposit. I consider no animal “sold” until full payment has been received.


Refund Policy: If the buyer changes their mind on a sale after sending a payment, I reserve the right to keep a 25% non-refundable portion of the purchase price.


If a buyer receives an animal and feels that he or she is entitled to a refund, I will gladly discuss any concerns within 1 hour of the animal being delivered by the shipping carrier. For this refund policy to be valid, the following conditions must be met:

  • The receiver must have been onsite at the address provided to receive the package directly from the shipping carrier

  • The package cannot have been left exposed or outside for any length of time

  • The buyer must have notified me as soon as he/she noticed something of concern

The buyer is responsible for return shipping charges, as well as charges back to their address if a replacement animal is deemed appropriate. Refunds are subject to questions about the buyer’s husbandry practices as well as photo or video proof of injury, death or the area of concern.



Shipping Terms


Note: I will confirm the buyer’s shipping address and any special shipping instructions when the initial purchase is made and before the animal is shipped. It is the buyer’s responsibility to provide clear, complete, accurate shipping data, including any special instructions.


I offer shipping via FedEx Priority Overnight. FedEx typically delivers packages by 10:30 am, but please be advised that this can vary and shipments may be delivered later than 10:30 am depending on how far the package must travel from the FedEx hub. If you live in an area that requires an extended delivery time, please notify me before the package is sent. Note that most hubs provide the option to "hold for customer" where the package will be held until the receiver comes to the location to retrieve it. I am NOT responsible for shipping carrier delays or other carrier issues. Shipping is available to the continental 48 United States only.


Live Arrival Guarantee: Excluding any delays on behalf of the shipping carrier or unforeseen circumstances by the buyer or receiver, I am happy to guarantee live arrival for each animal that I sell.


Health Guarantee: I provide a 48 hour health guarantee on any animal I sell. This period begins once the package is delivered by the shipping carrier. This guarantee does not cover damage or injuries incurred once the box has been delivered including, but not limited to: dehydration, burns, hypothermia, drowning, or choking. This guarantee does not cover tail loss.


Shipping Hold: At no additional cost, I am happy to hold animals until daytime and overnight shipping temperatures are within 40 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

Breeding And Reproduction During The Hold Period: If I am holding an animal (or animals) in my care because of an ongoing payment plan, or because weather is not within the acceptable range for shipping, I maintain the right to claim any eggs laid during the hold period. This qualifies even if the gecko(s) have/has been paid off in full and both parties are waiting for an acceptable shipping window. Prices paid are for only the geckos listed for sale and do not include offspring or eggs, unless otherwise agreed upon with the buyer.

International Purchases and Shipments

International Purchases: International buyers are bound to the same purchase terms listed above with exception of the Refund Policy. Since international shipments require extended delivery time and may make many stops before arriving at the buyer, I do not accept any refunds on international sales. 

International Shipping: I will export animals from the United States to other countries under the following conditions:

  • I will ship to the US-based export entity of a buyer's choice, but is the buyer's responsibility to select and confirm an export service, manage the necessary export paperwork, and facilitate logistics. 

  • Once the animal is received by the buyer's US-based chosen export-import entity, my live arrival guarantee and health guarantee expire.

  • I assume no liability for the export-import entity's care of the animal after it has been received on their behalf. Arrangements for transportation, receipt and any live arrival guarantee must be made between the buyer and export-import entity.



By sending payment, you agree to the terms of sale listed here.