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The Chahoua Chamber

About The Chahoua Chamber


At The Chahoua Chamber, I strive to keep and breed the healthiest and most beautiful chahoua in the reptile hobby. Over the 13 years I've kept these geckos, I have sold more than a thousand to happy customers all over the world. Here is a little information about how I manage my collection.


Health-First Approach To Breeding And Keeping

I go to painstaking lengths to be sure that my chahoua collection is as healthy and strong as possible:

  • All hatchlings and juveniles are kept independently (not with clutchmates to save space) in temperature-controlled enclosures for optimal growth and health.

  • Adult chahoua geckos are kept in custom, bioactive PVC enclosures for optimal humidity, temperature control, security and breeding health.

  • All chahoua geckos, from hatchlings to retired breeders, are fed a rotation of various fruit diets (multiple Pangea flavors as well as my homemade diet) and gut-loaded live insect prey (crickets, superworms, mealworms, wax worms, hornworms, pinkies and more). Variety is key for optimal health. 

  • Every year, each breeding adult chahoua in my collection is health checked via a fecal analysis and given any prescriptions or medication as necessary.

  • I always strive for genetic diversity and health when pairing chahoua and keep detailed records with as much historical lineage information as possible. This allows me to be sure that males and females are as genetically diverse as possible before pairing - and not just mom and dad, but genetic diversity in F2, F3 and F4+ generations as well. Diverse genetics makes for healthy geckos.

13+ Years Of Keeping And Breeding Experience

I have been working with chahoua since 2009 and have significant experience with the species: diets and supplementation, breeding and husbandry, locale and species discoveries, and much more.

  • I have kept both locales - Mainland and Pine Island - and bred more than 1,000 offspring.

  • Most of the animals in my collection are third, fourth, and fifth generation breeding chahoua from my original stock with selective new lines added for genetic diversity.

  • Through this process, I have been able to refine desired traits, focused on color and size, and created new variations like super high white and dark base color. Breeding so many generations over the creates irreplaceable experience. 

  • Breeding over so many years has also allowed me to see and better understand chahoua behavior, especially around pair bonding and breeding. Unfortunately, it has also included caring for and rehabilitating injuries when bonded pairs are no longer compatible.

Customer Service Extends Well Beyond Your Purchase

Whether you have questions, need help, or just want to talk about the species, I pride myself on being accessible and available to my customers.

  • Full lineage of offspring is always provided to customers at the time of sale.

  • "Thrive -- not just survive" guarantee means you will always receive an animal from me that is in the best possible condition, otherwise I would not sell it.

  • I am available via text message, Facebook messenger, Instagram direct message, email and FaceTime to answer questions. My primary concern is always the health of the animal, and I often spend more time helping members of the general chahoua community than my own customers.

  • Prior customers always receive priority when purchasing new animals.

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