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The Chahoua Chamber's Signature Breeding Projects

Over many years of working with chahoua, three signature projects have developed in my collection and are detailed below:

  • The "White Trash" Group: Super high white and high white

  • The "Black Magic" Group: Very dark or black base color with white collar

  • The "Starburst" Group: Intensely saturated red, pink or orange base color, with or without white collar

The Chahoua Chamber "White Trash" Group

Originating with my Simon x Lynx pair and now into its fourth generation, the "White Trash" group produces super high white and very high white chahoua, as well as those with unique features like white stripes and nearly full back and neck white. Color in this group varies from dark base to intense pink and orange saturation, but all individuals are high white or super high white.

The Chahoua Chamber "Black Magic" Group

The "Black Magic" group became more formal in 2019 when two different pairs of animals produced offspring with very dark or even black base color, one for the third generation in a row. The goal for this group is black base color and white on the body and collar. Currently three pairs are part of this group and I hope to produce more Black Magic group offspring in the future. 

The Chahoua Chamber "Starburst" Group

Originating with my Gormogon x Zelda pair, the "Starburst" group produces some of the brightest, most saturated base color you can find on a chahoua. Colors range from deep red to bubblegum pink and tangerine. This group produces animals with white collars as well as some without.

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