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ID: BxD-2023-1

Sex: Female

Locale: Pine Island

Hatch Date: 8/27/23

Approximate Weight: 45 grams

Price: $2,850 + shipping

Lineage: Bane x Daisy


To purchase this animal and arrange shipping, please contact me directly at By sending payment, you agree to the terms of sale.

Female: White Collar Pine Island Chahoua

  • This female is a favorite from 2023 for me - are there whiter chahoua in this release? Definitely. However, this female's combination of color, pattern, size, and white distribution has created a perfect package in my opinion.

    Her base color is a spectrum of oranges, pinks, peaches and reds that are beautiful in person. 

    Bane x Daisy lineage has been a key element in most of my high white and now super high white projects, so this female is packed with great genetics for super white, high white, dark base or combined trait projects.


    No pores seen under a 30x loupe but sex is not guaranteed.



Chahoua Geckos for Sale

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