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ID: TxL-2023-2

Sex: Probable Female

Locale: Pine Island

Hatch Date: 10/30/23

Approximate Weight: 30 grams

Price: $1,750 + shipping

Lineage: Talisman (Troy's Geckos [Bane x Daisy] X [Louboutin x Sparrow]) x Lantana (E.T. Geckos' Aurra x Jedi))


To purchase this animal and arrange shipping, please contact me directly at By sending payment, you agree to the terms of sale.

Female: White Collar + Side White Pine Island Chahoua

  • This female's orange base color GLOWS in person! I love her unique pattern and high contrast which are offset by a white collar and side white.


    She has a great mix of traits and comes from high white/super white lineage, so this female would be a great fit for high white or high color projects. Due to her unique pattern and strong base color, this female is one of my favorites from the season.


Chahoua Geckos for Sale

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