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ID: SxL-2022-4

Sex: Probable Male

Locale: Pine Island

Hatch Date: 11/21/22

Approximate Weight: 13 grams

Price: $7,850 + shipping

Lineage: Simon  x Lynx


To purchase this animal and arrange shipping, please contact me directly at By sending payment, you agree to the terms of sale.

Probable Male: High White Pine Island Chahoua

  • Straight off the holdback rack and from one of my most desirable pairs: Simon x Lynx. Not only are these two the founding pair for my super high white "White Trash Group," but they also produce offspring with high contrast and amazing color. 


    I ended the 2022 season with more males than anticipated, which is the only reason this guy is going up for sale. He is an A+ quality chahoua and cornerstone animal for any project: super white, high white, high color, etc. 


    In person, he has a gorgeous peach/orange base color that keeps expanding as well as generous side and back white with a beautiful white collar. On top of that, awesome contrast and pattern as well. 


    Offspring from this pair are rarely listed, much less a male like this.


    Pores seen under a 30x loupe but sex is not guaranteed.



Chahoua Geckos for Sale

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