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ID: KxWS-2023-2

Sex: Male

Locale: Pine Island

Hatch Date: 8/20/23

Approximate Weight: 40 grams

Price: $15,000 + shipping

Lineage: KEESH (ET Geckos' Antilles x Luminara) x Whitesaber (The Chahoua Chamber White Trash Group).


To purchase this animal and arrange shipping, please contact me directly at By sending payment, you agree to the terms of sale.

Male: Super High White Pine Island Chahoua - White Trash Group Offspring

  • I was so close to keeping this male because of his awesome white pattern but have decided to offer him for sale to make space instead. In person, he is a stunning animal with what look like four firework explosions of white pattern down his back and sides. Some folks prefer big chunky blocks of white but there is something unique about this male's consistent smattering of white from his collar down to his tail. You can see siblings to this gecko here:

    This male will continue to develop orange but will also keep his very dark color and high contrast -- an awesome backdrop for all of that white. A top 10 production for me, and cornerstone male chahoua for sure.

Chahoua Geckos for Sale

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